After all that hard work and dedication, you’re finally ready to print your book.

So, you call the design firm. Deadlines and cost estimates are agreed upon. Everything is on track, but at the eleventh hour a seemingly insignificant change causes a not so insignificant ripple effect.

Now you have to call the printer…the bindery house…the mailing house…and the shippers. All of a sudden your exciting new book is shaping up to become a real lemon!

This is what we call the “apples and oranges” effect; too many suppliers, each with a small slice of the project. The only thing holding it all together is you!


There is a better way. At Hume Media Inc., we make the process of self-publishing and printing your book easy and affordable by bringing all these services together under one roof. Design, digital print, traditional print, bindery, finishing, and shipping are all seamlessly integrated.

“Orpple” offers everything you need all under one roof to ensure your book is the best quality it can be and make the process of designing, printing and distributing your book simple.

From start to finish, a friendly dedicated expert is here to help you decide what is right for your project at any stage:

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Our promises:

Easy and Affordable
We make quality custom book design and book printing quick, easy and affordable.

Professional Service
Professional books with professional service. We offer one-on-one service and support. Our customer service representatives strive to help authors publish. We will connect you with an account manager who will be your main contact throughout the process.

Your story, your way
We offer a multitude of options to keep authors and designers satisfied. Just provide us with the information and content that you have ready to submit and a wish list!

We specialize in digital book printing on demand, offering the highest quality with the most options at an economical price.

Fast turnaround
Perfectly printed and bound books shipped in as few as 2 business days.


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